Our Story

Latcom Technologies incubator lab is a tech based company in Lagos aimed at providing solutions via research and development. Latcom Lab symbolises creative process of generating, developing and marketing ideas. We offer coding program for youths aiming to become software developers or tech entrepreneur. Latcom helps participants to focus on the development of their product or service, while providing the business and investment support. Participants must engage and produce at least one social impact innovative project. The projects are vetted by latcom management board to check its ability to flourish and be sustainable, so as to provide effective mentorship and coaching.

Who we are

We are researchers and tech enthusiats providing cutting edge solutions to businesses, startups, academic institutions and public sector side by side creating jobs to support the world economy. Our inter-cultural friendly team of experts are dedicated, focused and progressive.

What we do

Our services cut across Ideas generation, business development, mobile and web development Training, VOIP and SMS traffic/routes, data analytics for IOT data, data science training, mentorship and coaching.